About Me

I seek to discover what we can learn when we communicate with beings that have been depersonalized in order to re-root and reengage with what lies beneath our hyper processed and delineated environments. 

I collaborate with with my environment to produce immediate connection with my surroundings. My most recent body of work has involved cultivating a communicative relationship with my local trees. A tree cannot move and to engage in relationship with a tree requires the moving body to anchor to a location, to hold a connection, to lay down roots. 

My work is about climate grief, and creating cycles of care and maintenance over perpetual, profit-driven growth. It’s anti-capitalist, and queer. My stories imagine the fantastical utopian future where we reconcile with the abundance of discard, extraction, and destruction by bringing our literal and metaphorical trash front and center and reconnecting to each other and our world.


Eden/many Knutilla (they/he) is a non-binary, Bay Area-based artist, musician, and trans healthcare worker. Their practice reflects on post-species relationships, and investigates intersections of body plasticity, queerness, and communication through film, mythology, human-as-soundmaker, and trash. Their current work explores relationships with bears and trees, blurring the boundaries between tooth and nail and needle, and drawing on their trickster background as a children's birthday performer. They grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and studied computer science engineering in undergrad, before pursuing a post-bacc in visual art at UCBerkeley Extension. 


When working with clients, my goal is to collaboratively create a piece that means something to both of us. I love experimenting with different styles and techniques to bring a vision to life. 

In my personal practice, I explore different ways to represent physical and emotional space. 

Work with Me

Have a vague feeling you want to see art about? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

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