Found on Telegraph

In early 2019 I started collecting trash on my walks throughout the Bay Area. I used the various wrappers and broken bits of plastic to make small sculptures that celebrated the playfulness and personality in the debris. I grew a special connection not only with the trash but also the places I was sourcing from, specifically Telegraph Ave where I do weekly walks. 

This exhibition is meant to serve as a celebration of our community, as well a moment to bring attention to our neighborhood and the environmental impact of the non-biodegradable objects that we use and dispose of daily.  With the increase of homelessness and effects of climate change, we are given the opportunity to push back against the powerful forces that produce solely for profit without regard for us or the environment and to bring awareness to our neighborhood and all who live here. 

This exhibition runs from 10/7-10/21/2019

Please use #foundontelegraph on your social media postings!

Telegraph Trash Friends!

Special thanks to all the participating Telegraph Ave. businesses!

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