Shop Opening!

I’ve opened my store! I’m selling prints of my art and also originals. Please consider looking over what’s there. If it fits into your budget and style, maybe even buy something. I wasn’t sure what you’d like though, so if there is something of mine you like, but don’t see in the store, please feel free to DM/email/talk to me and we can work it out. I hope something catches your eye! I’ve only sold work to friends so far, and this is the first time I’m selling things to the public. I’m excited and nervous. I mean a big part of this is hoping I’ll eventually make a steady income from my work. If you have any ideas or feedback, I’m very open to them.

My first post was about being afraid of writing, which is still true. I think opening up an online store is very much in the same vein of fear. Public, anonymous appraisal with the added complication of money. It’s taken me a lot longer to figure out how to open up my store than I thought it would. It’s been a lot of figuring out taxes, business registration, shipping costs, pricing, etc. I also care about the presentation of the work so I also spent time testing out different papers, different printing companies, different packaging, while meanwhile trying to minimize costs. I’ve also had to figure out what I can compromise. For example, I host my website off of Format, which had a built in Store feature. It’s the easiest place to launch my store, but it’s missing some features that I really wanted. For example, customizable sizing, and digital image renting/purchasing. Eventually, I’ll probably want to upgrade, but for now I want to get something out there so I can learn about how to do this online selling thing.

If you ever want to open an online business, please feel free to reach out because I have some tips, although, as stated, I’m still learning too.

Here’s a link to my shop!

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